World of Paladins – Russian MMORPG with turn-based 3D battles and a nonlinear storyline

Play game World of PaladinsThe world of Paladins is the Russian MMORPG with step-by-step 3D battles and a non-linear plot in the atmosphere of medieval fantasy. Join the ancient order of paladins and lead a crusade against the demons of the Abyss! Fight with enemies in turn-based 3D battles and perform hundreds of non-linear quests that will affect the plot of the game and make the adventure unique! Travel through the colorful world of Raël, lead a personal genie and explore the intricate labyrinths in search of artifacts. Stand up to protect Rael and walk the way from the squire to the commander-in-chief of the Order! The world of Paladins is waiting for you!

Nonlinear Adventures

The world of Paladins adapts to the player. Each choice made by the player, affects the development of the plot. Branched dialogues give freedom of choice and variative passage of a single campaign. With the help of cunning, threats and flattery, players increase the reward for the task, convince the enemies to surrender or learn useful information that leads to hidden treasures.

Unique Dungeons

Local dungeons adopted elements of board games. The dungeon is made in the form of a playing field, and the character moves with dice rolls. On the cells of the field there are monsters, treasures and artifacts. Each passage is unique, as is the reward for killing the final boss.

Spectacular fights

New game World of PaladinsIn the Paladin World, battles take place in a step-by-step 3D mode, so you’ll be in the middle of the bout. Develop a character and pump over 40 combat skills. Destroy opponents with crushing hammer blows, instill fear into the hearts of enemies with formidable battle cries or become a skilled healer and save the group from destruction by healing spells!


Online games for freeAn original universe with colorful locations;
Three-dimensional turn-based battles;
Non-linear quests and dialogues;
Improving and enchanting the equipment;
The passage of dungeons with elements of the board game;
Group fights and PvP tournaments;
Battles with world bosses.

Fragory – MMORPG in the style of Russian fantasy.

Play game FragoryRead in childhood fairy tales about the cat-bayun, Koshchei Immortal, firebird and Vasilisa the Wise? It’s time to get to know your favorite heroes! Platform evogames invites free to play in Fragory online – a reference sample of “narrow national” fantasy. Instead of the median-European Middle Ages, this project awaits you a real digression into the past of our country. Other games about Ancient Rus do not embody such a bright color of Kiev times, while in this project the smallest historical details are observed.

Online gamesTo play for free in the simulator of Ancient Russia, just go to the appropriate page in the browser. You do not need to download anything, install and configure, Fragory is an online game, with all the benefits that result from it. Bright graphics, soothing music, an abundance of non-standard tasks and quests – browser-based role-playing game Fragory will appeal to experienced gamers and beginners who are just trying themselves in this genre.

The project provides 15 options for the development of the hero. To play online a character from Ancient Russia, you need to immediately decide on the specialization:

Strong (analogue of the warrior);
Vedun (analog of the magician).
play Fragory for free Each of these two classes has its own characteristics and stages of development. Fragoria is a hybrid of the classic RPG, the legendary Diablo and folklore tale with a pronounced mythological component. In the game universe you will meet as real enemies, and software monsters and enemies.

Collect gold and drop, complete tasks, unite in coalitions and use the capabilities of the internal chat. This is a unique project, combining a simple RPG and an exciting study of the characteristics of the Russian people.

Adventures in the virtual world are completely free, but if you wish, you can purchase additional options for real money. With them, the game will become even more unpredictable and interesting!